The Dimestore Romeo’s

Dimestore Romeo's

The Dimestore Romeo’s are a fun trio of bass, snare drum and acoustic guitar with vocals, playing favourites from the golden age of honky-tonk; Hank Williams and Johnny Cash as well as Rockabilly legends like Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins and early Elvis Presley. Jazz is also prominent, with Louis Armstrong and Irving Berlin compositions. A little Jug Band music from the Mississippi Sheiks and the Memphis Jug band round out the repertoire for this acoustic trio.

Founded by multi-instrumentalist and raconteur John Gill, this band has the stalwart rhythm section of Brian Nalepka on bass/vocals and Kevin Dorn on snare drum. They have a groove and boogie that is unparalleled! Arnt Arntzen has recently joined the band as the guitarist and vocalist.

You can find this fun crowd-pleasing trio at the Ear Inn at 326 Spring Street in Manhattan, from midnight to 3am on the first Wednesday of each month. C’mon and stay out past your bedtime with us! You’ll be having too much fun to notice the time.

Feel free to contact Arnt for any questions or booking inquiries at 929-305-9946 (call or text), or you can simply visit the contact page for this site here.

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