It Don’t Mean A Thing is one of my favourite tunes by Duke Ellington. This was the second song we recorded in our video shoot with the trio. Enjoy!


Here’s the first video from the trio shoot. This time around I decided to showcase a more ‘cool’ jazz vibe. “Blues In The Crorner” is a fun little riff-based blues that I fooled around with (or “wrote”) a few minutes before the shoot…so we figured why not record it! With me are Wynston Minckler on Bass and Ben Henriques on Saxophone. Ben managed to shoot and play in the video at the same time!

This little band popped up out of nowhere! The Bayou Ramblers are Myself, Bonnie Northgraves and Joseph Abbott, playing New Orleans inspired jazz, dixieland, blues and ragtime. Rod Matheson did a masterful job shooting and editing it, check it out!

What an awesome night this was! Special thanks to Colin Farquhar, Bonnie Northgraves, Jennifer Hodge, Winston Minkler, Andrew Millar and Nicholas James for making the music so good, and to everyone who came out!

Here’s a little video of me and my trio playing at Pat’s Pub on January 16th, 2015.

As you can see, there were a lot of friends who were also musicians in the audience that night…so it only seemed natural to get them up for some tunes!

We have solved the conundrum of how to get two bassists up on the stage when there is only one bass. Check out their solo at 2:50!

We are playing the Winin’ Boy, written by Jellyroll Morton. On the stage are Bonnie Northgraves on Trumpet, Colin “Forty” Farquhar on Clarinet, Andrew Millar on Drums, Arnt Arntzen on Banjo and Vocals, Nick James on Tom Tom, and Jennifer Hodge and Wynston Minckler playing the Doubled Double Bass!

Here’s me and my trusty sidekick Voodoo Pixie doing a Banjo and Washboard rendition of Frank Loesser’s “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”.

Just a little experimentation with using my new studio (I.E. Living room) to do videos. This is a great old blues tune by Tampa Red and Thomas Dorsey, the special request of Dave Henderson and Catie Fizz for more dirty blues tunes!

I was fortunate enough to meet the wonderful tenor saxophonist Nicolas Montier at the Breda Jazz festival in late May 2014. Man what a player! He was nice enough to invite me onstage to play a little ragtim-ey jazz! This is Back Home Again in Indiana, by Ballard Macdonald and James F. Hanley.


arnt arntzen