Arnt has lots of experience with teaching guitar and vocal lessons, for kids and adults alike. His lessons will help promote a love of music, curiosity and good humour.

A brief list of teaching topics include:

-Guitar (beginner to intermediate)
-Beginner Ukulele
-Plectrum Banjo (Chicago Tuning, DGBE)
-Vocal Lessons
-Music Theory
-Music listening and appreciation

For younger students aged 6 to 10, Arnt has a tried and true method of teaching beginner’s guitar. Starting with the basics of learning about the instrument, the student can begin playing a song right in the first lesson! Here’s a sample of a first lesson plan, for kids aged 6 to 8:

1) The names of the different parts of a guitar (body, neck, frets, head, nut, bridge, strings)

2) The names of the strings (Elephants Always Drink Ginger Ale Before Eating)
3) Introduction to the Pick, and how to hold it
4) How to Strum
5) First Chord (G on the top 4 strings for 6-year olds, C for older students, depending on ability)
6) First Song (a one-chord song, probably on a C or G…examples: Frere Jacques, Old Macdonald Had A Farm, Row Row Row Your Boat)

Arnt will send accompanying PDF documents that the student or their guardian can print in advance of the lesson, and also use the Screen Share feature on Zoom to show these worksheets during the lesson.  These may include chord diagram illustrations, song lyrics, or anything else necessary for reaching the goal of playing guitar, and maybe singing too!

Having fun is an important part of playing music (if not THE most important), and Arnt always tries to make each lesson a fun experience for student and teacher alike.

Arnt does lessons over Zoom video-call, to anywhere with an internet connection.

Please feel free to contact Arnt for lesson rates or other questions Here.

A couple of sample lessons for intermediate jazz guitar, on video: